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About let god die


Let god die is a ministry focused on addressing misconceptions about the character of God and what it means to follow Him. Most people who reject God don't truly reject Him, but merely the false perception of God they've been given by others, the Church, and through personal experience. The god they reject is a twisted fabrication of the true God. Conversely, many follow Christ on false pretenses seeking their own self benefit. They follow a watered-down, idealistic version of God. Many misconceptions (positive or negative) have no validity and need to be destroyed.


  • WE ARE people who have been transformed by Jesus Christ in a very real way that we can't deny.

  • WE ARE people who have seen the vast dichotomy between the God of the Bible and the god that has been both misrepresented and grossly misunderstood.

  • WE ARE products of the American church who have seen the damaging effects of underlying miscommunication giving people a false view of the true God.


  • WE ARE NOT promoting a particular church or denomination.

  • WE ARE NOT here to introduce doubt and confusion.

  • WE ARE NOT here to come against any particular preacher, church, or denomination.

  • WE ARE NOT here to define God. In no way do we want to take God out of one box only to construct another around Him. 

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