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Guest spots

We love highlighting peoples' stories on our podcast and we've had the honor of sharing our stories on several other podcasts as well!

Check out our conversations on these shows and be sure to check out what these guys are up to! 

Host Alex Washburn has a desire to help Christians deepen their walks with Jesus through daily devotions, theology studies, and scripture-based guided prayer and meditation. 

Alex invited Josh to share his story of coming to know Jesus as part of his "Testimony Tuesday" segment.

The Creative Coping Podcast is hosted by poet Johnny Anomaly and he focuses on how the effects of grieving can actually be a catalyst for creativity.

Josh shares about his desire to constantly create in various forms.

In this bonus episode,

Josh shares about learning that nothing is outside of God using.


Calvin and Josh share about the let god die podcast.

Danny Anderson talks about a wide variety of topics - faith, culture, music, economics, film, history, religion, politics - on his podcast Sectarian Review.  

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